Fish  Dishes
Please Do Not Hesitate to ask for your fish to be Plain Grilled or Poached.

Cod Mediterranean - £19.95
Fillet of Cod Cooked in Olive Oil with Onions, Garlic, Peppers, Olives & Tomatoes.

Monkfish With Mustard - £24.95
Cooked with Shallots, Wholegrain Mustard, Tarragon, Chives & Cream.

Halibut Crust - £27.95
Halibut Steak Topped with a Herb Crust, Roasted on a bed Of Aubergines & Served with a Sweet Pepper Coulis.

Sea Bass Supreme - £21.95
Filleted Sea Bass with Prawns, Parsley & Cream Sauce.

Wing of Skate - £24.95
Plain, Grilled or With Burnt Butter & Caper Sauce.

Scottish Salmon - £14.95
Salmon Steak Flamed with Whiskey & Served with Pink Peppercorn Sauce.

Dover Sole Grande - £28.75
Filleted Dover Sole with White Wine, Prawns, Mushrooms, Onions & Herb Sauce.

Grilled Dover Sole - £34.95
On or Off the Bone with Green Pesto & Bearnaise

Cod Mornay - £19.95
Cod Topped with Mournay Sauce & Served with Mashed Potatoes.

Neptune Symphony - £24.95
Monkfish, Salmon, Mussels & Pacific Prawns with a Creamy Dry Martini & Orange Sauce.

Fish & Chips - £15.95
Beer Battered Haddock Home Made Chips & Peas with Tartare.
Shellfish  Dishes
Pacific Prawns - £21.95
Large Pacific Prawns Cooked in Garlic Butter, Silver Skin Onion, Chinese Mushrooms & White Wine.

Pacific Prawn Chilli - £21.95
Garlic Herb Wine, Onion Home Chilli Sauce.

Fresh Lobster - £44.95
Cold with Mayonnaise or Hot with Garlic Butter & White Wine.

Half a Lobster & 10 oz Fillet Steak - £46.95
Cooked with Garlic Butter and Herbs.

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